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    hello, in need of editing help!

    ok, here whaty i want to try and do, i have a shot of a friend of myn walking past the camera, what i want to do is edit that shot so it looks as if theres many of her walking past the camera one image after the other. i did it with one frame, but that was a total fluke. I remember a friend of myn doing it years ago, but i have lost contact with him!

    Anybody got any ideas? I have tried superimposition, but havent edited in some time, so i am now a little rusty and completely stuck!


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    If you could tell us what editing software your are using and a bit better explanation of what it is you have to work with and eventually end up with.

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    hello, im working with photoshop elements 8

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    not photoshop, i mean premiere elements 8, sorry

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    Unfortunately I don't know that piece of software but there are other in the forum that may be able to help. If you could describe better what it is you want to achieve.

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    ok, i have a 7 second shot of a doorway and a shot of a friend of mine walking past the doorway. What i want to do is superimpose the image of my friend so it looks as if there is many of her walking past the door frame one after the other.

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