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    Default questions on effect

    i want show a car and the camera cricling around the do you do that...smoothly..thank you

    the effect is shown in the videos above for reference...thank you in advance

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    I watched both of the movies linked and didn't see a single car in either of them which confused me for a while given the wording in your post.

    however, the effect (I think) you are referring to was their version of 'bullet time'. I reckon they did it as follows....

    Hold the camera, walk round the subject filming them in normal time, doing your utmost to get a very smooth flow. Then in post production the clip was simply slowed right down. It's obvious from the 'shimmer' that is apparent during those shots.

    I'm not convinced you'll get a good effect around a car. This one was do-able because the subjects were not moving around. I would no recommend you run around a moving car with a camera in your hand. Trip over and you'll be a goner my friend.

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    Alan's right. The effect of filming around a fast moving object was mastered in the Matrix by using mutiple cameras set at different angles. The effect of a pan can then be achieved by using the mutiple angles in post production. The poor man's version of this is to repeat the "stunt" multiple times from different angles. Obvious disadvantages to this.

    But as Alan say's I doubt you want to film around a moveing car. This would be impossible (well, as near impossible as possible). If you want to film around a static object, simply:

    1) improve you camera technique
    2) get a shoulder support
    3) get a camera stabiliser
    4) use the steadimove plugin for Adobe Premiere

    From the one clip I saw you posted, they did none of the above. They panned around a man (very jerkily) and then sped it up in post production.

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