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    hi, im guessin this is the right place to put a link to my website? if not you can remove it but here it is..

    dunno if its of any use to anyone but i was looking to get peoples opinion on my site and for people to check out the videos really...

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    This is definitely the right forum for posting a link to your site. I'll even check out the link when I have time.

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    site looks nice, I found what I was looking for quickly.

    It's good to see some more creative story telling videos on a skate-boarding based site, I liked the intro to "Germination" it was a bit Alien Workshop, very good.

    The bullet time was funny, I'm going to try some of that soon, have you thought about combining it with skating? I'm going to try a surfing - bullet-time thing.

    It's a shame there's not more skating footage, but that's always going to be a problem in the winter in the UK.
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