MiShorts announces the launch of its stylish new MiDget, an advanced marketing and distribution tool to help indie filmmakers sell their work online. Use it to promote yourself and your films on 3rd-party websites, social media sites, blogs and anywhere else you can think of - and find lots of new fans along the way!
The MiDget is free, easy to use and displays preview clips and/or full-length streams for up to 20 films in its large break-out screen. There is also a special buy now link that takes viewers directly to each films display page on our website where it can purchased and downloaded for keeps.
Every MiShorts filmmaker now has their own personalized MiDget branded with a logo, photo or avatar and pre-customised to display their work - to get your MiDget, simply join MiShorts and submit at least one film. Joining is free and takes just a few seconds and when the film has been processed the MiDget appears in your personal MiProfile area. You retain full rights to your work and we pay a generous commission every time a film is purchased.
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