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Thread: Converting MicroMV to DV

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    Default Converting MicroMV to DV

    I have been trying to convert a MicorMV video to DV format.

    I have been able to achieve it in this way:

    1. Import MicroMV video with Sony MovieShaker
    2. Save video in MPEG-2 (high quality) with MovieShaker
    3. Convert MPEG-2 to Uncompressed video (.AVI) with Flask
    4. Import .AVI with Adobe Premier and export to MiniDV tape

    The process was slow but it worked. But the quality of the resulting video was VERY POOR.

    Has anyone been able to perform the conversion from MicroMV to MiniDV format retaining the same video quality?



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    Are you looking to export back to DV? If so, by-pass the PC and hook the video outs on MicroMV to your video in on your DV cam.
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    I have tried connecting my MicroMV camera to a MiniDV cam, but this doesn't work.

    I have done it this way:

    1. Connect the MicroMV cam to the MiniDV cam via i.Link
    2. Set both cams to VCR
    3. Play the video on the MicroMV camera

    Unfortunately no video appears on the MiniDV camera. This is because the stream coming out from the MicroMV camera through the i.Link connection is in a different format as the one expected by the MiniDV camera.

    Also, the Sony MicroMV manual says that it is NOT possible to connect a MicroMV device to a MiniDV device.

    I have been thinking of going through an analogue-to-digital converter box, but I am not sure what would be the quality of the video after conversion.

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    Yer, I've tried EXACTLY the same as you before... but instead of using the ilink port(s), why not feed the analogue signal to your DV camcorder?

    When playing with a MicroMV cam, I found the main loss in quality came from the actuall capture process. I converted to DV AVI with flask to enable Premiere to process the video.

    MicroMV has to be the worst possible format!!!
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    This is very interesting, as it could save me a lot of time.

    But, do I need special cables to feed my analogue signal from MicroMV to MiniDV?

    My analogue cable coming out from my MicroMV camera has 4 outputs:
    - S-Video
    - Video
    - 2 audio

    The DV cam has a single socket for analogue in/out. Do I have to buy a plug/cable that takes these outputs and converts them into the single plug which goes into the DV cam? Does this exist?

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    Dear Mark,

    I have found the S-Video and Audio input on my DV cam, and I have been able to connect the two cameras. Despite the conversion through analogue, the quality of the MiniDV is much better than any digital format conversion!

    Thanks very much for your help. You have saved us a lot of time (and money, as I was going to buy an analogue to digital converter box)!


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    Excellent stuff
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    Default MovieShaker troubleshoot

    Hi there. I'm a newby on digital video editing. I've done some stuff back then, but i used an analog tv capture card.

    I'm using a micromv camera and of course, the movieshaker poor capture software. The clips seems to have been captured ok (103 clips for a 38 minutes wedding) and I'm trying to use the Easy CD-DVD creator for DVD burning. So my problem is converting the mmv file format to mpg or avi format.

    I've tryed using all the export modes from the movieshaker program, but on all of them the audio get's messed off. It sounds choppy and interrupted. I'm getting a good video quality out, but can't get the audio right.

    Someone know how can I get this working?


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    Default MicroMV mmv conversion & editing...

    Hi chaps,

    I am having similar problems with this mmv's what I've tried so far...

    Capturing the mmv files with Movieshaker
    - Okay but some loss of quality, some blockiness in the middle of clips, occasional green blocking...

    Capturing with Pinnacle Studio 9
    - Non starter, although Studio 9 "supports" the micromv format, I cannot get more than the first one or two clips imported.

    Capturing with GraphEdit (directly into mpeg2-PS)
    - This worked but with loss of audio synch....I believe the audio can be resynched usimg the end of the clip but now getting far too tedious...

    Capturing with GraphEdit (directly to avi)
    - When I finally figured this one out I thought this was the way to go, but alas not to be. I finally managed to get good capture & audio/video synch but the video quality was abyssmal.

    Converting the mmv footage to mpeg with mmv2mpg
    - mmv2mpg seems to work okay in that I can play the mpg files ok in windows mp but when I try to import the files into Studio 9 the audio sporradically dissappears & reappears with no apparent pattern...

    Converting the mmv footage to avi with Movieshaker
    - This worked a treat, albeit extremely slooooowly. But movieshaker only allows export of 9 mins at a the speed it does the conversion you have to keep an eye on the machine and the pc's pretty much useless for anything else...

    Converting the mmv footage to avi with GraphEdit
    - Pretty much as trying to capture - abysmal video quality

    To wrap up, I do not want to edit in Movieshaker - it's horrible. I really want to use Studio 9, I think this is a great product as long as you use avi not mpeg (it does work but is horribly sluggish wit big files).It's really user friendly & intuitive. It does sometimes hang when making the movie so I try to shutdown any background tasks and set it to make movie & burn last thing at night.

    I am now on the hunt for something to batch convert mmv files to avi.

    Anyone got any ideas before I jump up and down on what really is a gorgeous little camera (IP1E)


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    Default checkout


    have you tried the codec recently released by MainConcept ( They claim that with their codec and AdobePremierePro, they can capture from the MicroMV camera and write back to it in MPEG2 directly.

    I haven't tried it myself yet, but I have downloaded the trial version and I am going to try one of these days.

    Hope this is of help.


    Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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