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Thread: Writing disc on Encore 1.5

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    Default Writing disc on Encore 1.5

    Hi all,

    just a frustrating question I need your help on-

    I have been using Encore 1.5 on Vista 64 (yes, I managed to install okay and have burned discs all worked flawlessly) until all of a sudden, the program decides to start refusing to burn the disc project, and the disc is ejected after some data has been burned. Thus, the blank dvd is ruined and I can't burn my projects anymore. In addition to this windows dvd maker (aaaargh) now wont recognise the dvd burner. I dont know if this is a software fault (if it is, why wait two months to stop working), or hardware. Can anyone help?


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    DVD-R are cheap enough now so I hope the cost of a few coffeee mats is not the real problem here. However, in the meantime I suggest you use DVD-RW until you sort things out so nothing is lost.

    Does the drive work normally for reading disks? Pop into Device Managers and check it out. Try updating the drivers first. If not usable for reading disks either then I would say hardware. Again DVD burners are now under 20 so not an expensive item to replace in comparison to the time you're wasting.

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