hey guys, a few questions..
im looking at getting my church to cross over to the mac side, we currently are using a PC to record video/ Audio.
we've got a 3CCD Camera Firewire'd into the computer via DV to firewire 400 (i believe),
and RCA cables (because we're recording straight from a sound desk) into creative soundblaster external soundcard( can't remember the exact name).

anyway my questions are
1.) are you able to capture video live using iMovie, or would it be better to use final cut? (or just record on tapes and capture at a later date)
2.) do iMacs have a mic-line in for audio

we're trying to do it on a budget of under 2500 (AUD), by selling the Piece of Crap (PC)

hopefully ive explained myself well enough, if you guys need specs of the current computer or need me to clarify anything ..ill try my best

edit:neglected to mention the software we currently use is sony vegas movie studio and soundforge

we've begun to have way to many problems with the computer lately.. and its very frustrating