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    Hi we are a new independant dance record label, we produce cross over dance commerical chart tracks for full release. Previously we have released tracks in the UK via signing them to Ministry of Sound or AATW (artists: N-Dubz & Cascada).

    In the past we have signed tracks and received an advance of 3-5k for the song with a further 10-20k after they have been on a compilation. As we've worked closely with these labels in the UK for a while we know they like to pay 10-15k for songs with video. So i plan is to get a Music Video Producer/Editor on board with us to shoot the video's for the tracks and then take a cut of the profits. We have also just set up label contacts internationally with top dance labels in NY (USA) Germany & Austrailia all paying the same big advances.

    We are very direct and can garentee if the track is signed internationally with the video it will get International plays.

    If this deal interests you send us an email....also please send me an email just on your general prices in gerneral please.

    Our long term goal would be to bring a freelance Music Video Producer on board with us to shoot all our tracks.


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    I have deleted your duplicate posts which you put up on wholly inappropriate sections.

    If this is an indication of how you go about publicising your company I'd advise any producers/editors to steer well clear.

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