Hi I am a teacher and I am planning to work with some of my students creating movies in groups, we will be using Serif MoviePlus 3. However I have a few queries which I am hoping someone can help me with.
Firstly, does it matter that students will be combining clips from different sources such as HD Flip camcorders and mobile phones?
Secondly, is it possible to save a movie in high definition (so that it can be view full screen on a PC monitor) if the source file was standard definition?
Finally, I experimented with exporting an edited clip and found that the playback was jerky and the sound was intermittent, the file size was very large so was wondering if it might be the laptop that I was using. Does this mean that I have to export the file in a lower quality format so that it will play smoothly albeit with a more pixelated display?

Any help would be gratefully received
LCF Monkey