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    I use the Sennheiser ew100G2 wireless lav system. Doing a recent interview I was getting intermittent bursts of interference. I'm testing it at the moment at home. On all banks of channels the intermittent interference happens. Any ideas would be a great help.


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    Where did you do the interview ? Was there a WiFi near by ? Could be anything from TV, computers, taxis etc....

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    I did the interview in an apartment. There was a mobile phone left on.

    In my home I do have wifi internet.

    I also do weddings. There is no way to control mobiles, wifi etc. I filmed a wedding before Christmas and this interference was not a problem.

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    Have you tried it with the "pilot" switched on?

    I've got the G2 and the only times I've had problems with the pilot on is when (a) another G2 system fires up without the operator checking first to see what frequencies are in use or (b) the system doesn't have "line of sight".

    In (a) the interference is obvious, you hear someone else, in (b) it's not actually interference, more like drop out.

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    The pilot is switched on. The sound is not like drop out but is a at times a loud distorted buzz, coming in waves, and then it disappears again.

    I do use an AT897 shotgun mic on the camera in tandem.
    I don't know if this would have an effect.


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