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Thread: Sony vegas not loading full video

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    Default Sony vegas not loading full video

    When I take a video and drag and drop it into vegas it seems that only maybe half the video loads. The one video that loaded almost fully skipped at the last maybe minute of the film. Anyone have a idea on how to fix this? Also does anyone know if you can add a two pop and tail pop in vegas? Thanks for any help.

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    Supply more info. format video and so on. Screen grab.

    What's - "a two pop and tail pop"?

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    oh, sorry. the formats I have tried are a vob file which is the one that almost worked fully but skipped at the very end. The other files I have tried are avi and mpeg files and neither of those seemed to import all the way. Here is a link that explains what a two pop is since if I try I will just make it more confusing. A tail pop is the same idea except at the end of a video or clip. 2-pop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    If the VOB (Video Object file) is on a DVD then import the files straight from your DVD player/burner on your pc. Vegas does this thru:-

    File | Import | DVD Camcorder Disc . . .

    This will give you ALL the video and audio you need. I've done this with my own work that I have needed to re-edit from my own burnt DVD platter.

    You also try changing the suffix from MyVobFile.vob . . . to . . . . MyVobFile.mpg or mp2.

    I haven't used this but you could try: Video ReDo Plus and Quickstream Fix.

    If you have more than one VOB file renaming will only work on the first, as the info on the file is in the header of one file. You could try concatenating them in Womble?

    Here too is a long posting on the Official SONY site where a deeper insight into the issues and solutions around importing VOBs.

    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Pro - Video Messages

    One last try on this would be for you to import the VOB as your SOURCE DVD from the folder you have with it in thru' ther import option above!

    I've used DVD Shrink in the past.

    If any of this stuff is encrypted - then all bets are off.

    As to the other files, I have no idea why thi is so for you? I do this all the time. Use G-Spot and get back here with what GS tells you about the file.

    Mostly, Vegas will import most files, IF you have the codecs/support for them locally on your PC and they aren't encryted for copyright.

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    The strange thing about the avi and mpg files is that they play back fine both in and out of vegas. It is just that for some reason they don't import fully. Like a 40 minute video only imports up to the 20 minute mark. On the topic of importing the vob file straight from the dvd I guess I should provide some more backround information. My main thing I was to do is write music for films so while most directors I assume would just give me a physical dvd which I could then use the import dvd disc function. I have a feeling that some might just send a straight vob file in a email without a physical dvd disc. That is why I am trying to get vegas working with all these different file types because I never know what I might be getting. I ran a few videos through that g spot program and only two came back as codec installed and the rest showed codec undetermined.

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