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Thread: DVD unwarp anamorphic Picture - minimal loss of quality

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    Default DVD unwarp anamorphic Picture - minimal loss of quality

    Hallo, hope my english is well enough so you are able to get my intention.

    Well, i just begun makin my first steps in video-editing... even though i know very little until now i like it... its something like meditation for me.. ...

    The past two weeks i worked on reencodes of DVD. For this i put them uncompressed on my harddisk merged the VOBs, extracted the MPG-Stream and reencoded it with VIRTUALDUB or TMPGEnc XPRESS as MPEG4 (XVID)...

    Now i realized that the picture quality is not as good as the former original mpeg2-stream from the DVD. I am wondering how this can be.
    My intention was to make a nearly 1:1 reencode because i dont like these tiny DVDRips...
    i want the original shown resolution in the player (e.g. 1024x576 or less height if the ratio is not 16:9 or less widht if the ratio isnt widescreen).. (e.g. i reencoded The Lord of the Rings. Now it is unwarped and has a resolution of 1024x430 pixel)
    i already know that widescreen dvd-picture is anamorphic... so... i just put a resize filter on it cropped the black borders and START... so far so good... most videos look very nice.. iused unrestricted profile at 8000 kbps... but yesterday while watching u new encoded one i saw something like stairs on a thin line... for comparism i started the original and NO stairs... now my questions are...

    should i prefer another codec for better quality results?...
    8000kbps is pretty much and make the new streams bigger than the original, but i thought more bitrate means keeping i right?...

    Perhaps this is a new-be-problem... perhaps it is not... hope you can help me.
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    It sounds like you have interlace artifacts. Try changing the field properties, upper field first or lower field first which ever works best. Some times when watching an interlaced video on a computer monitor, as they are designed to show progressive pictures, it looks poor but once it is burned on to a DVD and played on a normal TV it looks ok.

    If you don't understand what I'm saying try researching interlace in your native language.

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    No it's ok... i understand the difference... thank u for answering

    and what about my other question... are 8000 kbps for 1024x576 res. too much?
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