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    Hey , not sure what you'd call this but in the video below is what I want to achieve, meaning the Vivid colours and light beams through the trees, I understand they use 2000 + pound recorders but is there anyway I can achieve this with my Nikon D5000 DLSR, I've tried setting it to vivid colours on it, but these not difference to be fair, I have Sony Vegas 9, and I'm recording in 720p HD, any ideas guys?

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    There is an effect in Vegas called lens flare which you can use to simulate lens flare you may need to add some starburst but you can also just point the camera through some grass or trees to wards the sun and the right angle it will give you the affect you want choose a time when the sun is low in the sky. WARNING pointing cameras directly at the sun can damage your eyes and your camera.

    As for the vivid colours you can play all day with the tool in Vegas saturation, colour Curves etc. Just set aside some time and see what you can do.

    Good luck.

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    Looks like standard lens flares to me. Best product I know to produce this kind of thing is Knoll Light factory or the new After Effects plugin over at

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