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Thread: New Camera recordes straight to DVD but....

  1. Question New Camera recordes straight to DVD but....

    Hi Guys.

    I've got a newish camcorder to use with the kids, but it records straight to dvd. Unfortunately my EXPENCIVE adobe premiere pro cs3 will not exept the VOB files that are on my camcoders Mini DVD. Can anybody suggest the best free way of getting my VOB files into a format that i can import into Premeire Pro CS3 ?

    I promised the kids that we would create our own DR Who episode!


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    Thanks for the tip. I tried that, but when I imported it into Premiere, there was no audio! Gutted!

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    Is the audio on a separate file ? On a DVD there are usually two main directories one called Video_TS containing the video files and one called Audio_TS containing the audio files. Some times the audio is recorded on a separate file to the video. I'm not sure this is the case but it's worth a look.

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    If not, you could try some DVD ripping software. There are hundreds on google, some are vbetter than others but i have very little experience with those.

    Something else you could try is Mpeg Streamclip

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