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Thread: Getting the correct exposure

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    Default Getting the correct exposure

    here's a quick tip when filming in a dark room with a bright background (Like a window) behind the subject.

    To get the correct exposure, Stop down, on the exposure ring until the window doesn't look burnt out, then light the darkened room until its correctly exposed

    If the window is very bright you can always cover it with ND

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    Or if your on a budget and you don't have any lights, stand with your back to the window and have your subject face the window. That is unless your subject is a supergrass do it the other way round.

    I'm only messing that's a good tip.

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    Or... as I did once... Shoot a background plate of the window exposed to the outside. Shoot your footage inside exposed to the inside and then composit them together in post. Looked pretty cool.

    Or the simplest method of all. Just don't worry about it. They often tend not to worry in Hollywood.

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