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    Hi there

    We are a band called White Collar Weapons and are looking for someone to film one of our upcoming gigs in London on 20th or 21st March (or both if you fancy).

    For more details about us see here:
    We have had radio play on BBC6 Music and XFM and are headed for big things in 2010.

    If you can edit too thats a bonus but for now the priority is the footage. This would suit a film student to add to their portfolio or a semi-pro. We can't pay a fee but your help will be very much appreciated and we'll get you some drinks. Plus you'll get to be involved with a great friendly band.

    If you have some examples of your work, please send a link. If not, get in touch anyway. Some experience is probably necessary though.

    Any questions let us know.


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    Are you providing sound from the desk or are you expecting the camera op to record that as well.
    If you're planning to make a video of you playing complete songs you'll want more than one camera.

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    Basically we're looking for what we can get So if we can get two cameras and good quality sound from the desk thats great. If not, and we only have one camera and don't get good sound from the desk then we can do a montage to our studio recordings. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You're not going to get very much if you cant pay a fee.

    However, if you happen to be in my area, i might pop my head in (Email me via Profile)

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