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Thread: Serious Sound Problems Studio 11

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    Default Serious Sound Problems Studio 11


    I'm new here, so thanks in advance to those who reply to this topic.

    I'm rendering from Studio 11 onto Blu-Ray. My problem is very simple - I'm getting major fissle/crackling on the left speaker of my Surround Sound system when I play it back.

    Everything sounds perfect in Studio 11, and the speakers sound fine with any normal tv or films - it's just my own project that i'm having problems with.

    Anyone know what could be causing this unwanted background noise?

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    Are you burning in 5.1 surround sound or stereo?

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    5.1 Surround.

    I think I may have figured out the problem:

    Certain sequences i'm doing are a bit too complex for the Studio 11, so I had been originally editing them in Sony Vegas Pro 8. When I was doing this, the audio feed was automatically being rendered as .mpa.

    If I change this to the highest quality .mp3, the problem doesn't seem to occur anymore. I haven't tested extensively yet, but it seems to be the case so far.

    Even so, can anyone shed some light on why this was happening?

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    From what you describe I was thinking you had inadvertently increased the volume of one of the blank channels, so much so that it was creating the sound you was getting.

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