I am new in this forum and therefore most extend greetings to all. I do film weddings, naming ceremonies etc. I build myself a dual core 2 machine with a speed of 2.4ghz and ram of 4ghz with a graphic card geforce gt 9600. I am not quite sure if the performance of this graphic card is better comparing it to geforce gt 220. The reason why i asked for this is, i just fixed an hdmi cable via adpter to an hd tv and watch a streaming tv channels from the internet , but to my surprise the images from the gt 220 are more clear and smother than that of the gt 9600. I would also like to know which of these two cards is superior and if there is a better one almost within the same price range that is fast in video transcording and also provides clear, sharp and smooth video from the internet tv station to a hd tv?
Thanks in advance,