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    Hello Folks,

    Just finished this "psychological suspense" (i suppose you could call it) short. I made this film entirely by myself over the weekend and it was my first attempt at acting. I had to roughly position the camera with the viewfinder spun round so i could see if i was in the shot right. Took some messing about but it was worth it

    Anyway, its a slow burner so if you need constant action this probably wont interest you, but who knows!

    Watch it here..

    YouTube - chameleonmedia's Channel

    Your comments are much appreciated!


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    I'm a little confused Hector, So you was the actor in the video but Matthew made the film ? But you say you made it yourself ?

    I did like it I thought the acting was quite good. You really did manage to get the claustrophobic isolation feel in the piece.
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    I really liked that. It reminded me of Repulsion by Roman Polanksi. Maybe that was what you were aiming for. The music perfectly accompanied the piece. Iím afraid I didnít watch it with headphones on so I may have missed some of the more subtle sound effects. I also liked the grainy look to it. Iím not sure whether this was intentional or due to camera limitations, web compression etc, but for me it gave it a great, raw, gritty look.

    Btw hats off for filming it by yourself. Almost everything Iíve made has been filmed in the same way and I know how difficult it is. I tend to use a mic stand as a stand in for me, adjust the height to line up with my eyes and compose, focus to that. I also now film in hd which allows me to zoom in the image a little in post without much loss in quality. I can then adjust the composition a touch, if required, and even apply a little digital camera movement, using keyframes, to simulate a dolly move.

    Great work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhh View Post
    I really liked that. It reminded me of Repulsion by Roman Polanksi.
    Polanski! That's the boy. I was racking my brains trying to think of a name to put with that arty 1960's style.
    It was qute well done, but I think paranoia would have been a better title (although there wasn't enough going on for it to be paranoia).

    I didn't really get isolation from it. To represent isolation I'd have the talent observing loads of other people interacting yet somehow being cut off, unable to interact himself. But then that's just me.

    A good weekend's work.

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    Thanks guys! and yes, it was inspired by repsulsion which i only saw on BBC2 a few weeks amazed me!.....but its also inspired by a few things going on in my own life...but thats another story!

    Midnight Blue - Hector is my filmaking alter ego so Matthew and Hector are the same person (a bit stupid i know)

    mhh - Yes the grainy look was intentional, its B&W Brunch from magic bullit with the brightness and contrast adjusted

    Any criticism or any tips on what i could do better??......go on, i can take it!!!

    Thanks again,

    Hector (Matthew)

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    Some aspects of the cinematography must have been really difficult to over come so I wont go into things like the focusing issues of your self etc. But at 2:18 (the close up of the fridge) this would have been better with a tripod.

    If you are going to deliberately degrade the quality of the image for dramatic stylisation you have to have a good quality to begin with. I think I saw the auto focus correcting it's self a few times. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It may have been a result of the graining and YouTube adding it's "artistic touch" to the mix.

    If you have total silence in a movie it sounds odd because there is always a noise, a room ambiance, even a totally quiet room has some sort of noise even though it's hardly detectable. I was wearing head phones as you recommended and this became noticeable.

    At 3:48 this shot (close up of the eyes) stands out but not for a good reason it's as though you forgot to put the graining effect on it as it's much sharper than the rest of the movie. It was also held to long as was a lot of the shots. I know this is an artistic and subjective point but the movie could have been a couple of mins shorter and still have held it's artistic integrity.

    These are all minor points of the video but you did ask.

    The only real disappointment to the movie, in my opinion, is the ultimate lack of a conclusion. So he's slowly going insane through out the movie but to what end, surly not just to go insane. Perhaps I've been over conditioned by Hollywood.

    Good movie (if depressing), well acted, well made. Be proud.

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    All valid points no doubt... my camera is not the best, its a Sony TRV50E SD camera and it does struggle with the auto focus sometimes, plus i only had natural light and a crappy 50 Watt room light and im not sure how to use the exposure settings because im a moron!

    The film does have a room tone track which is clear through my studio monitors...maybe i need to turn that track up in the mix a little.

    The close up shot sticks out as it was shot the next day and it was sunny for a change!. I tried to darken it but i couldnt get it to fit with the rest of the shots which annoyed me but live and learn

    "Good movie" (if depressing)"..... ha ha ha...i liked that comment, all my films are dark and im not sure why, im a pretty outgoing positive guy....honest

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    I remember seeing your other movie about the girl who died in a car crash, I think. I agree you like psychological suspense drama.

    Perhaps it's time to learn how to use the manual aspects of your camera. I know I was very weary about doing that at first but the more you practise the better you get at it. I'm at the stage now where I never use auto mode and it makes a big difference. I'm not saying I'm perfect far from it. I'm still learning every time I use my camera but that's the beauty of what we do.

    Try a comedy next time. ha ha ha.

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    Some very nice shots, I can't say that it kept my interest though. It lost me a few minutes in.

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    i dont blame you, after watching a couple of your vids i can see where we differ, but its all good

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