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Thread: Is this a codec issue?

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    Default Is this a codec issue?


    I have been trying to use WinAVI video capture software for my capture card to record VHS to my pc.

    One of the issues I have been having is when I try to capture and using AVI as my intended output.

    Whats happening is I get some error messages or even just that the capture card freezes.

    I was under the impression the software wouldn't try rendering as AVI until after i finish recording.

    Now when I try to capture the same video but the only thing different is I render to DVD format and then it works perfectly. After which I then take to Vegas and edit from there and rnder again as the AVI file.

    Would this be an issue with the codec its using? I am using DivX.

    Sorry if I have confused anyone, haha, I confuse myself.

    Thanks for your help

    - Hype

    Edit: If you can recommend any good capture software then I would really appreciate it it. Thank you
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