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Thread: Canon MD205 grey pixels on screen

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    Question Canon MD205 grey pixels on screen

    Hi guys

    I wonder if anyone can help me or has come across this problem, I have a canon MD205 mini DV camcorder, recently when playing back a tape on the camera the screen has been almost completely filled with grey, some areas towards the edges have shown the filmed video but only about 20% of the footage is visible onscreen.

    If the playback is stopped and restarted the same thing happens but the layout of video onscreen is different (video one side grey on the other etc.), I have tried cleaning the camera heads and the problem seems to go away but only for about a minute or 2, so I have cleaned and recleaned the heads many times but the problem persists.

    If I capture then the onscreen image is what I get so its not just a viewer issue, I should add that the camera gets a lot of use so it could be general wear and tear but it would be nice if I could find out for sure.

    Thanks Guys

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    Does this happen on new (straight out of the wrapper) tapes?

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    Yes all the tapes are straight out of the wrapper and no tapes are reused

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    Im on the School Broadcast team at my school, and we use those cameras because they're cheap. I personally own a JVC Everio GZ-MG630 HD camera, and it's a big difference because i can see both screens and tell that they're different. To answer your question, yes. Yes i have delt with this problem before.

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