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Thread: Fading on a music track/event in Vegas

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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking to fade volume on an audio (music) track up (and down) mid way through the track, e.g. half way through the track I want to fade the volume down when I play some video audio, and then fade it back up when the video audio finishes, but can not do this smoothly.

    Currently I am splitting the music track and then using the fade option (using the drag option in the corner of the audio clip) to fade the newly created second (split) clip up. But this will fade from 0db when what I want to be able to do is fade up from (for example) 5db which is the volume level of the previous clip.

    Is this possible in Vegas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazylegs View Post
    Is this possible in Vegas?
    Of Course it is.

    Right click on the track , look down the menu for envelopes and add volume. A blue line appears on the track. Double click that line to add a 'point'. Add two more points. Click the middle one and pull down or up. Voila. Volume level changes.

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    Pressing V on the keyboard is a shortcut to introducing the video envelope blue line.


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    Thanks, fantastic!! Once again, easy when you know how (although for life of me couldn't find in the manual).

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    Another one on my wish list for Vegas - individual volume envelopes for clips.

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