(note:i posted this at the premiere part of the forum but i guess this is more of an authoring problem...)

i'm having some ratio problems,please try figuring out what am i doing wrong?

I'm editing a clip from my dv cam in premiere (elements)
i am using the PAL system.

the clip properties (as shown by premiere) are as follow-
the source dv file video track:
frame rate:25.00fps
frame size:720x576
depth is 24 bits

after the editing i am exporting the project as an AVI file,non compresed,using microsoft avi file type,pal system,with lower filed first.
then i get an avi movie with these specs (as shown by prmiere):

"type:avi movie
image size:720x576
pixel depth:32
frame rate:25.00
avrage data rate:3.6mb/second
Pixel Aspect Ratio:1.067"

Then i convert the avi movie to a set of mpeg2_dvd_pal.m2v And a Wave file which i use as assests in premiere encore dvd.

i am usuing canapus "Procoder" with these setting for the conversion:
"MPEG2, DVD, 720 x 576, 25.00fps, 6Mbps, PAL, MPEG Video Stream + Wave File for DVD authoring software."

i put these 2 files as assets in encore dvd and set the program NOT to transcode anything.
even in the little screen at the project tab ,i can see the clip is shown with black stripes around it (on all sides) as if it is zoomed out...
i tryed to do the "interpert image" on the clip but it is grayed out for some reason...

the end result is that the menue of the dvd is displayed fully on the whole screen while the clip is displayed in a black square , not covering the whole screen.

i thoguht i went by the rule of keeping the same ratio in the whole prosses,but i guess i am doing some thing wrong

all help is welcomed...