April’s Film of the Month, 5000, is now available for viewing, along with this month’s Critics Choice selections. These films have all been reviewed by a critic from the respected FutureMovies review site, and you can also add your own review and star rating.

5000 - Whatever your view of the Colombian FARC’s principles, the extent of human suffering they inflict can’t help but make you question their actions, and that is the ultimate goal of this powerful and very well-made film.
PERRINGTON STUD - An offbeat and imaginative comedy about a sinister tale of revenge involving two players of an unusual card game called Perrington Stud.
MY FAVOURITE HITLER YOUTH - ‘You could never have resisted becoming a member of the Hitler Youth without some dire consequences,’ says the elderly Fred Curtis, one of the founding fathers of the computer hard drive.
FISSION - Although four years old, this multi award-winning short from Taiwanese artist, Kun-I Chang, still compares favourably with modern graphic design works.
THE GHOST OF KIRKTON FELL - Simple in style and execution, this ghost story is shot in a way that makes you feel genuinely spooked.

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