Hi all, I've been given the project of looking for a camcorder for work to make some small film pieces of our products in action to up load to my companies website via youtube.

I have done some trial videos using a digital camera, a mobile phone camera and more recently a flip camera. The digital camera & phone both involved me having to convert the file to something that was compatible with Windows media player which was long winded & a pain, that was when I was introduced to the Flip, which involves no conversion. The Flip video I made can be found here: (as you can see I'm very new to this )

I've been looking at various camera websites and forum guides but it can all get very confusing, I am looking for something a little more advanced than the flip but with the same ease of uploading.

Budget-wise, I'm not looking for cheap cheap or top end, but I hope to get a lot of use from it & my company will have to foot the bill and will want to know they are getting value for their money. I'm sure you regulary get questions like this, so any advice from people in the know would be greatly appreciated before I go out and start asking the Comet/Dixons saturday staff.