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Thread: Hello, and oh no.... here comes a n00b

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    Cool Hello, and oh no.... here comes a n00b

    Hiya, and sorry to bring out the 1st post noob question.

    I was rocking along in my happy little low def world, happily editing my 640 res videos taken on my Fuji Finepix 9500S on Ulead Video Studio 9.... Until I got a Sony DCR-SR65E and now I have some great (compared to before, anyway) high def footage I can't edit and form into films because the amount of information in each frame just freaks out my software.

    So, here I am to try to find peoples opinions on sturdy editing software that isn't too resource heavy but can handle modern quality stock.

    Oh, pc specs are:
    AMD 64 x2 Dual
    Core processor 5000+ 2.6 Ghz
    1.87 meg of ram

    So, if I am wasting my time with this hardware, someone please let me know!

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's normally thought that a quad core level PC is needed to edit HD footage. If you are just doing a trim and a couple of cuts you might get away with it. BUT as soon as you put in a transition, even a simple fade it will give you trouble.

    There are ways around it some software will allow you to create proxy files. There are temporary files in a lower resolution that you use to do the work. The original HD files are not used until you do your final render. The software takes what you have on the time line with the proxy files and uses this information and applies using the original HD footage to do the final render.

    As with all NLEs your original footage is not affected by a new render. Once the final render has completed, which will take a considerable amount of time, depending on the length of the video.

    Unfortunately my explanation sounds more complicated than it actually is in practise.

    I would recommend using 720p rather than 1080 it will be more workable with your system.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks MB, that does make sense. I had never heard of programs using proxy files for vid editing, but it makes so much sense, even with processing grunt at hand.

    Now I know to look out for software with that feature, and a new box.... just to be sure.
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    I've used two pieces of software which I can recommend. The first is Canopus Edius Neo which is very good with proxy files and an all round good NLE. Very good for the price.

    The other software I can recommend when you upgrade your system is Sony Vegas Pro 9 it's more money but you get a lot of tools. They are both avail able for free 30 day trials.

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    Thanks for the referrals.... I was going to avoid asking the obvious question, as I know how annoying it can be when noobie's strike

    I'll make a move towards Canopus Edius Neo for now. I had looked at the Sony product, but I had concerns about being able to run it.

    Very much appreciated, indeedie!

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