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Thread: Couple of videos..

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    Default Couple of videos..

    hi everyone, im new to this forum so i thought id just post up a couple of videos id made.. most of em are just like effects tests etc. but heres some links to a couple of em...

    bullet time

    if you wana see more they are all on here... my website

    i dont think anyone will be offended by any of them videos, but they might contain a few crude words...
    feedback/comments welcome... be harsh if u want.. i dont mind

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    1) The first video had a lot of lines that people get when they use Mini DV, it was well done but i dont like seeing the lines, it is very unporfesional.

    2) Yeah this didnt really have any story or any point to it but there were still some cool effects and good job.

    3) I loved this one but when you keyed the guy in the air he had a small black outline but it was really cool, i loved it.

    4) I dont know, all i have to say is, it looks like a really small bedroom.

    But that was all good stuff for test videos..

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    1. Interlacing! Interlacing! Interlacing! Interlacing! Interlacing! - you need to deinterlace your stuff before you start fiddlign around with it, othewise you get those horrible little lines. Ick.

    2. When the intro gets going, i really really like that. suits it really well and looks fantastic. Even if it is yet another skate video (and was that a squarepusher soundtrack?)

    3. Nice and silly!

    4. Fantastic! Brilliant ending, though my only minor quibbles are:

    - the voices need to be louder
    - probably to late now, but if you're wanting a static shot, you really do need a tripod.

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    Default ....

    wait hold up i just got a minidv camera and im getting those same lines .. i didnt know what is going on... does that mean the tape is bad?? how do i fix that

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    I really liked them jooster, especially the trailer!. Can you guys tell me how to get grafics on top on your video like that? What program do you use etc.

    Mamaluke: I use virtualdub to deinterlace my movies. (

    Open your movie, select video -> filter and choose deinterlace (blend).
    Then just select File -> Save As AVI after you've compressed. (Video -> compress).
    Hope this helps..

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    Each time I click on a video, I get a request for a user name and password. Where do I need to register?

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    2 & 4 are great movies m8.

    i love the ending to 4 and the whole camera angle swapping etc.

    germination is well made as well and myself love skateboarding

    I have some questions

    PLEASE PLEASE give me the program you used to the bullet time video etc i need muzzle flashes etc for my movies badly.

    How did u overlay the text scrolling up and logos etc on the germination movie?

    windows movie maker 2 and sony vegas 5

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    right, erm.. for the germination trailer i used after effects to edit the intro, and the bullet time video was done in premiere, in both of these programs you can have more than 1 layer which is how you put stuff ontop of the video. The muzzle flashes in the bullet time video were just images put over the footage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karbine
    PLEASE PLEASE give me the program you used to the bullet time video etc i need muzzle flashes etc for my movies badly.
    First post

    In case you wanted a little more info:

    A nice tutorial to learn how to make an easy bullet-time effect can be found here (you'll need Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Winmorph plugin (free)

    for a more complete tut

    And here is a link for all your muzzle flash and explosions needs (free stuff)

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    Default Nice

    The intro was my favorite. I like the tiny text lines scrolling around and the 3Dgraphic. Ollie north

    Bullet timing was pretty intense too.

    Good job

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