Please allow me to explain my situation.

I recently got a new cellular phone and the only workaround to get a custom ringtone is to convert an mp3 to wmv to .3g2 file and set that video file as a ringtone.
This is sprint's sanyo incognito.

Now for some reason, you can set manually recorded videos from the phone itself as ringtones.

However, when i import the same file extension, same file type, it recognizes it and does not let me use that custom ringtone.
For reference, here is the article stating this. I DO confirm this workaround at least works on other phones as I had the samsung upstage and it had this same workaround, though without being so agressive towards perfect video requirements as listed below.

Are there any programs that will allow you to EDIT any existing .3g2 file rather than converting to a .3g2 file.


Are there any programs that will allow me to convert a .wmv to a .3g2 with the following settings:
Video Encoder: mpeg4
Video Bitrate: 108
Frame Rate: 10
Video Size: 176x144

the allok to 3g2 and 3gp converter had all of these options EXCEPT the videobitrate setting available for toggle.

please help!!

Much thanks.