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Thread: Just edited this snowboard video in 3 days

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    Default Just edited this snowboard video in 3 days

    This was shot and edited in 3 days for a contest, just wanted to show it off.

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    Is this just an advert for beer ? Nice camera work.

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    haha no, it was for a contest like i said. 2 days of filming and 2 sleepless nights in return for an attempt at a cash prize which we didn't get, but to not let it go to waste i posted it on youtube.

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    I see, Well I think you did a good job. It's understated, which is a good thing, but deceptively clever. I liked that you put some humour in it and like I said before you have a good eye for a good shots.

    Well done.

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    good skils both on board and behind the camera

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    I enjoyed it, wish the site would sort ou the dam video size preview/
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