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Thread: my little project.

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    Default my little project.

    hey everyone, i've just started on this site, and not long ago i started editing in sony vegas pro 8, and Adobe After effects CS3.

    this is one of my video projects, i used it in english for a project about the US army.

    this contains footage such as pictures, video and music.

    i could need some feedback, and help to maybe improve my video editing skills.

    please be aware of that i've just started editing video's.


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    Not really much to comment on with this you made a slide show and then added an advert for the US Army at the end. One thing I'm curious about is the at 2:58 something happens with the sound. What happened did you leave a stray bit of audio on the time line.

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    Next time try to think more about telling a story to get your message across. Watching a film is a linear process (though the content needn't be), try to take your viewers on a journey, rather than flash up what appear to be a number of related but random images. And try to give them the promise of a reward at the end to keep them watching.

    I don't know whether you lost sync on YT, but there didn't appear to be any sncing of the cuts to the beat of the music.

    Good for you that you limited your use of transitions to very few - lots of different ones are a sure sign of a newbie.

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    well, thx for the advice.

    -i don't know, i were so mad, because it would'nt work.

    -yeah, i lost sync on youtube.

    - next time, i will try to make it like a journey, and keep em watching

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