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Thread: Desaturate and keep red

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    Question Desaturate and keep red


    I am working on editing a project and I am looking to adjust it so that it is black and white while keeping the red. I know there are ways to do it with key framing almost every frame, but I was hoping someone might have an easier way to do this. I have Master Collection CS4, Final Cut Studio and Media Composer at my disposal so any suggestions for using those apps are welcome as well. The original project is in Premiere though. Any help is greatly welcomed.


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    did you try layering them? i mean you can layer, on top of your clip, a color palette... select a color and blend it...

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    how would i go about doing this?

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    Aftre Effects' "Leave Color" effect will do this in about two clicks.

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    Easy! stuff I played with right at the start.
    It usually, (depending on edit system) involves one clip, duplicated on 'A' track as B&W and t'other identical clip 'B' below it, with colour chromakeyed in to red.

    keyframe and you'll be there all night
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