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Thread: Vegas movie studio 9 Platinum edition - batch render

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    Default Vegas movie studio 9 Platinum edition - batch render

    I do walkthroughs for YouTube. As you probably know I need to split my longer Fraps clips down to smaller clips. I know what settings I need to Render a single video (I have a template I use for WMV V9).
    I want to open all my fraps clips and create a region every ten minutes. Then I want to render all those regions into single clips to upload to youtube. I have seen tutorials where people have done this, they have all had Pro 8 or 7. I need a solution for my version.
    Sony vegas movie studio 9 platinum. I would find it rather anyoing since I payed 70 for this software, it should let me to batch render.

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    Sorry for 70 you have a bargain, but the Batch render comes as a script and the PRO 9 only runs scripts.
    But what you say, I have not seen in PRO9, batch render yes, but batch render and then join them together no...

    You should be able to select an area and just render that, do an AVI render, repeat for all other clips, then drag the rendered AVI clips back into VMS9P and render to a Youtube setting.

    If it let you do everything then there would be no difference to the Pro....

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    No it's not the same.
    I want to save time by rendering all the clips. I have to render fifty 10:59 long clips at average for each walkthrough. It's not the same if I have to render each one.
    Why wouldn't they let you do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxdiag View Post
    Why wouldn't they let you do this?
    I don't complain that Ford don't allow me to change gear without using the clutch in my manual gearbox Mondeo.

    To re-iterate Cheema's comment, if everything in the Pro version was available in the consumer version, there's wouldn't be the need for different versions.

    The whole point of a consumer version is that many people do not need all the facilities of a Pro version, and so a cut down version is made available at a knock down price.

    Batch rendering 50 or so 10min clips is definitely not the sort of thing that most consumers would typically want to do, therefore it is perfectly reasonable that they "wouldn't let you do this" as you put it, or "don't include it in the consumer version" as I'd put it.

    The maths is easy - if your time spent rendering each clip individually is worth more than about 400 - pay the money for the upgrade.
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    The reason I say this is that in my opinion this is a feature that the consumer version should have. But I'm not here to argue.

    I have a new plan. If I can render everything into one big clip and just use a different piece of software to split it. I would have the same effect.
    Is there a way to do this?

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