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Thread: selecting audio sources - help!

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    Default selecting audio sources - help!

    Ok, i checked around, and could not find a thread that had answered this question.

    I am part of a conference call. I would like to record only my portion of it. I am using Skype. My microphone is plugged into a mixer, which goes into the microphone port on the back of my computer. to listen, i plug into my main headphone jack on the front of my computer.

    How can i get Vegas to record only my mic, and not any other audio sources, like skype, internet radio, etc.?

    Thank you for your help.


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    I would have thought that the answer lies with the mixer. Can you get a different channel for each audio source?

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    honestly, the mic is the only thing going through the mixer. the rest is internal, yknow, from the internet through the soundcard into the headphone jack.

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    So you want to listen 'as is' but Vegas to only record from the mic? Only thing I can think of is to experiment with the stereo split script, which may give you the mic on say the left and the HP's on the right. Doubt it to be honest, but worth a shot.

    You could also take down the HP socket in windows mixer - but then you won't be able to hear 'live'.

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    Go to the mixer and select the record setting and then check the device to record, then do a test in Vegas, but talking in the mic and playing an mp3, to make sure you only get the audio required.

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