Voting in the 2010 SEE-MiShorts online film competition has finished and we are pleased to announce that the winner is Hamida Cowdhury’s excellent BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS with 1,502 votes. Hamida will be featured in our April ‘Film of the Month’ VODcast.

Four universities from the south east were invited to submit one graduate film for this competition and MiShorts members voted in large numbers to choose the winner. Our voting system is linked to a real-time display of results, so it got pretty exciting at the end with over 500 people on the site when voting closed.

With no rules on style or subject matter, the entries were very different from each other, ranging from an intense examination of a troubled personality to the lyrical, intensely visual exploration of a faded seaside funfair. You can watch these films as high-quality streams for the next 14 days before we close the voting area to prepare for our next competition.

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