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Thread: are you building your portfolio??

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    Default are you building your portfolio??

    I'm am looking for someone that may be wanting to build up a potfolio for weddings, I am looking for someone to film my sister in laws wedding on 31st July in the Peterborough area.

    We have a very tight budget so we are trying to keep all of charges as minimal as possible.

    Many thanks.

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    I may be interested.

    email me at smifis2k [at] googlemail . com and we can discuss this further

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    We're interested.... we've had our work on MTV, Kerrang and Scuzz.... we make music videos but we're wanting to move into weddings too.
    Email me at
    I'll send you some links to videos and photos

    We'll do it at cost price/free

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    DomDom Guest


    Hi lisacrowson
    Have you found something suiting you yet. In case you are still looking for a videographer I would be glad to help you. I won't charge regular fee as I need some more wedding footage for my website
    Email me anytime
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