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Thread: Need Some Serious Help w/Effect

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    Default Need Some Serious Help w/Effect

    I'm relatively new to audio editing and I never realized just how complicated it can be! My main problem is that I want to create an effect like the one at 0:14 seconds in this video:

    The girl cries out after being stung and her cry is edited to linger in a kind of echo/reverb. I'm not sure what to call it, but it's that lingering that I'm really interested in. I don't want my audio cut off or simply echoing. How is this done? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been using Adobe Audition 3.0.
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    that is simply a really huge gorgeous reverb .. experiment with your reverb plugins and various settings and you should be able to work it out

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    I agree with Adam.

    You have correctly identified echo and reberb.
    I don't know Audition, but suspect there may be settings for delay time, size of room and frequency filters.

    The real cry only lasts for a brief period and it stops abruptly.
    However, because she is located in a space which reflects alot of sound; and because the space is large; it takes time for the sound to reflect off all the surfaces.

    'Sound' travels slowly through the air. Roughly 340 metres per second. With Audio software, it is common to measure time in milliseconds (ms).

    If I shout at a wall which is 170 metres away, it takes almost a second for the sound to bounce off the wall and return to my ears.

    In practice, there are likely to be many places where the sounds will reflect from; so the time between the end of the 'cry' and the end of the complete sound; consists of reflections from all the other places in the room.

    To some extend, simple reverberation can give the correct impression, and I suspect Audition can do it.
    To get more control, perhaps the Audition effect can be added more than once to the sound.

    I suggest for experimental testing (i.e. fiddling with the available dials etc) is to use a mic and a pair of headphones. I never fail to be amazed at how my brain is so easily fooled.

    Sadly, I don't think Audition can perform like a Convolution reverb, as with Cubase4.
    Convolution reverb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Good luck. I look forward to hearing your results.

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    TimAndrews, your great insight on room size and speed of sound just reminded me of this fantastic software I did beta-testing for put out by VRSonic called VibeStation

    Its 3D modeling format of various room sizes (including ELEVATION) and different surfaces, and its ability to place sound elements 3 dimensionally, blows traditional 5.1 mixing out of the room (so to speak)

    VRSonic surround sound solutions for VR environments, sound design for film, games, simulations, training,and installations

    I did a little blog post about the software if you'd like to read a little more about it

    Powerful New 3D Sound Design with VRSonic’s VibeStation Sound Effects News | Post-Production Sound Design and Music News

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