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    Default New window problem

    It appears I've changed the way a couple windows work in vegas and I want to put them back. When I click on "insert text media" or click on the symbol "event pan/crop" they both open in a already created space on screen rather than opening in their own window. I believe how this happened is that when I was moving each of them across the screen by clicking and dragging them, I accidently dropped them into this location which made them open there from now on.

    How do I get them to open in their own window again?


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    If you have the pro version. the you can reset the screen layout with

    One of these, I forget which one at present

    ALT+D then D (Default)
    SHIFT+D then D

    sorry re-read, the little dots on the top left of the window you describe, click and hold then drag to a new place to free the window


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    You really don't know how appreciative I am for your great reply. I did as you recommended and it worked perfectly. I know it seems like a simple thing, but if there is no one to help and no one to ask it becomes a really big thing. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

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