hi, this is my first time on here, hopefully my prob isnt too bad to sort out.
i bought my first camcorder a jvc everio ms95 and i,m having problems with sound to my videos. i dont have the everio media browser disk that apparently should of come with it so i,m pulling out the video files from the prog0001 folder on the camcorder. Problem is i dont get any sound tho i do have video. ive played the vid files on windows media player, vlc and tried adobe premier elements but i dont get any sound. am i extracting the files wrong? i do hear sound when i playback the videos on the camera itself. do i have a prob with the camcorder or software?
Heres a bit more info, when i copy the prog001 folder out of the camcorder i see 3 types of files in it, an mpeg file called mov00b. A xmp file called mov00b.xmp and a moi file called mov00b.moi. the mppeg file i can watch but cant hear.
any suggestions welcome, thanks