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Thread: New Comedy Review Show - Episode 2

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    Default New Comedy Review Show - Episode 2

    Hi Guys

    After the response of episode 1, I thought I'd post up episode 2

    This week your hosts review and critique Percy Jackson and Silence of the Lambs

    Here is Episode 2

    Revueo #2 | Vueo

    Feedback always appreciated

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    I don't know why but it appeals to me.

    The sound needs a bit of attention though, some of the comments got a bit lost, especially the "throwaway" comments which were occasionaly mumbled. Also, get the panel to keep their heads up, they keep looking at the ground which makes then look a bit insecure.

    Good luck CT, keep on going.

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    I'm glad you posted again lads. I see that you took note of Tims advise so well done for that. I found the film review more interesting this week. I loved the observation about ancient Greece moving to New York. One of the difficult things about presenting is what do you do when it's not your turn to speak. Do you look directly at the camera, look interestingly at the person who is speaking, look down at your hands well unfortunately there was a lot of the latter, Mark. I'm not knocking you for that but it's something you might want to work on as you home your presenting skills. Things like rubbing your nose a lot, looking down etc. are all the sort of thing you will do less as you become more comfortable. I think you come across quite well mostly.

    I had a little chuckle to my self when Ant marked down Silence of the Lambs because of the music. He said something about using music just to fill quite space. Which put my attention on your music. I have heard better music in elevators. What porno did you get it from ? A minor point but I did find that more amusing than the first skit. The second one was better.

    You come across as a bunch of likable chaps which is no mean feat in its self and an important part of the whole show.

    Like the last one it was well lit and shot.

    4 out of 5 from me.

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    I'm getting Ant to score an even more epic porno soundtrack for next week now you've mentioned it.

    Thanks for the wicked feedback, I'm glad you liked the show. I'm going to put a picture of a naked chick behind the camera so there is no excuse to look at the floor

    Thanks once again

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    Well done for taking note of and acting upon some of the comments on episode 1. I think episode 2 is an improvement.

    You manage to balance humour and serious comments well.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it and almost sniggered at the SotL skit.

    I can only agree with the comments from Gaffer and Midnight. Apart from watching the audio on the throwaways (which are often the best lines) I found Ant's comments, because of his more mellow voice were not coming across as clearly as the others.

    Good job. Looking forward to te Die Hard review. I trust you'll all be wearing torn vests for that.

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