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Thread: Buying Advice Needed!!

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    Default Buying Advice Needed!!

    Hey all. I have recently been looking at a well-priced, very easy to use and incredibly cool program for special effects called AlamDV2. I am also glad that it is quite powerful with it's effects (which is what I'm looking for) but it doesn't require the complicating editing process (very important, as I am a noob.) Now I am not a big fan of buying things over the internet and I was praying that there might be something of that nature other than that program itself. I also realize there is a program called "Adobe After Effects", but being 15 years old... That's quite a ways out of my price range.

    Please post anything you feel might help.

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    If you're into your effects, take a look at 3D edit from Tenomichi. They have a free trial, so it's worth a download...

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    Looks like it would be a cool program. But I was still hoping for something that could be bought in a store.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. (What's with all of these cool programs only buyable online eh?)

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    What would be the reason for buying in store? Typically it's more expensive...

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    Actually, it's the stubborn parents haha... Otherwise I probably would have just bought AlamDV2 and that would have taken care of that problem. And trust me, I don't think there's any convincing them.


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    Marc's right. it will be significantly more expensive if you do find it in a shop. For example, the last s/w I bought online, from the US cost literally half the best price I managed to source it from a UK vendor. Saved me a couple of hundred UKPs. I suspect your best bet, if your parents are worried about credit card fraud and the likes is to find a good friend to make the purchase for you and you transfer them the funds. But do NOT take this as an offer

    I've made literally hundreds of online transactions and so far not even been close to a sniff of any wrong doing.

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    Haha, alright. Thanks for the help.

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