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    hey guys im very new to this scene. This is my question. I currently bought a JVC GR-D70U DV camera. now i was wondering HOW do I upload the videos onto my computer. As I THINK i heard, i must buy a firewire capture card right? Will I be able to DL the whole video or just some parts of it? (frame by frame). Sorry guys, but im sure you guys hear this everyday . Thanks for any future input


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    First off, you'll need the correct hardware - all you need for this is a firewire card and a firewire cable. Then you'll need software to capture once you've connected everything up - you'll be able to do this with any video editing software including Windows Movie Maker. Once you actually capture, you can "download" any portion of your video you like - essentially it streams in real time from your camcorder to your PC. If you've got the hard drive space, you could simply capture a whole DV tape.
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    thanks alot bud, im goign out today to buy it : )


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