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Thread: Badass... We were bored

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    erase me please
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    A few comments

    1. Flooding the forum on one day with loads of your films is notlikely to get you many views. And even less likely to get you lots of reviews/critiques. A much better approach is to drop one or two in per week which will build interest (unless it's total rubbish)

    2. This section is for critical assessment. From your description you're not after that, therefore they would be better off in "Just for Fun"

    3. We ask that you post only one video per thread in this section (as you will know from reading the "rules"). This is common sense because commenting on more than one per thread becomes confusing to say the least.

    4. I notice that you have postsed at least one of your films in more than one section. Please do not do this.

    Other than that it's nice to see a whole bunch of new films for us to talk about

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