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Thread: Car Show Video!

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    Smile Cool Car Show Video!

    This is a very cool annual car show that I volunteer at and made a video of and recorded and edtited it myself in full HD! Next year I am planning on having more interviews and better sound audio. Let me know what you think.

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    You need to fix the link you have http:// twice. If you do that the video will embed automatically.

    Well a great video for petrol heads. You seemed to capture the felling of the day which is all you can ask of a piece like this. I liked that you took the time to interview some of the people. It was perhaps a little long for non lovers of classic American cars but for the enthusiast I sure they love it.

    I would have like to have seen the cars as the winners were announced so the viewer could see what had won.

    It had a good narrative and was quite well edited together. The sound was as well as can be expected from a camera mic ie it was ok for the close up interviews but at other times not so good. The music was fitting for the piece and you adjusted the level well throughout the video.

    The main thing that lets it down is the dodgy camera work at times. Next year take a tripod I'm sure it will help you with your camera work.

    But I did watch it to the end and liked it.

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    Yeah, next year I want to add more interviews and get better sound audio quality. Also a better view of the car show winners. Thanks for the input!

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    Midnight's said much of it.

    I would have bailed much earlier (cos it was just more of the same, done in much the same way) purely because cars don't do it for me - except it's been a long time since hearing the incredibly cheesey, but nevertheless hugely enjoyable Tom Scholtz & co's "Smokin'".

    A good mix of interviews - getting the characters is all important for this sort of thing. And some good humour - including some not so car related stuff. Well done.

    A few too many reverse zooms for my taste and I think you need to be careful of mixing too many different transitions. I think you got away with it this time, but it was close.

    My biggest gripe though was it really needs a tripod - even if you don't use it for the interviews (where a bit of wobble can add to the "live" feel) you should use it for the shots of static cars.

    Nice job with a great feel (even if the subject doesn't appeal to me).

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    I thought the film was pretty well made and I am sure petrolheads will appreciate what you have produced. I don't have an interest that much in cars so I am afraid I did bail but not because of your skills, just the subject matter.

    I agree with the comments already made and would emphasise that there was over use of the reverse zoom.

    Good luck with the next one though.

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