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    I am trying to convert about 7.5 mins of footage containing pics and a few videos I have created about a recent holiday. I have been using Premier pro on a laptop. the file as an .avi format is very large (just under 900MB).

    I wish to encode it to mpg, but have had some issues. My computer returns a box sugguesting it is running low on virtual memory and needs to change it. As consequence my video is made, but only contains the music and and video footage, with just black video instead of the photos. I have my virtual memory set to the maximum already.

    Now here comes the confession, my laptop only has 256MB of RAM. This is probably the main issue and I guess buying more RAM would sort this out?

    I wish know if there is another way to encode it so I retain quality, but manage to compress the video without running out of RAM.

    Or is ram the only solution. In that case can I just move the project file to another PC, with more capability, and encode it. Or do I have to move all the photo and video files as well as the projcet file?


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    You will need to move any file used in the project to another PC. When you open up the project on the PC, you will probably prompted to locate the files within the project. Simply browse to each one when prompted.

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    So is RAM the only solution, what about other types of compression?

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