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Thread: Need ideas for buying video equipment

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    Default Need ideas for buying video equipment

    Hello everyone,

    Okay, so here's my dilemma. I just started a video editing new with a law firm. My job will be to tape 1 on 1 interviews in dark conferences rooms or other areas of a building, as well as taping any events and conferences that come up. I'm basically in charge of the entire production and post production process. I have a bachelor’s degree in electronic media, so I'm fairly proficient with the video making. They've recently asked me to make a list of any and all video equipment and software that I might need to become a mobile video production unit of one. I'm reaching out to anyone on the forum that knows of the specific basics I'll need, best quality models that are fairly prices, and additional equipment/camera add-ons that I could use to make my job easier. I’m talking cameras, hard drive camera attachments, lights, screens, filters, etc… just anything you can think of that would allow me to be self-sufficient out in the field. They purchased some cameras a while back and they're looking to upgrade and/or add to the number of camera on-hand (see below), so I wouldn't mind your input on these either. I don't know what the exact budget is, but I know they're a big law firm so they’re not afraid to drop some coin. Any advice on where to purchse the equipment is also welcome (I hear B&H is good). Also, just to throw it out there. The plan is that I travel (fly perhaps) to these locations to shoot, and then bring the footage back to my office to edit. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone! Here’s a list of equipment/software that we already have.

    Adobe Premiere
    Sony DCR-VX2000
    Sony Handycam VX2100

    Camera that my video professor recommended:
    Sony model HVR-A1U

    Cameras they've researched and are thinking about getting:
    Panasonic Palmcorder PV-DV953 - $1999Three-chip sensor for maximum color accuracy
    Large flip-out LCD
    Some manual controls – greater options
    Very good Cnet ratings for this price range Link

    Sony Handycam HDR-FX7 - $1999 (They're looking at purchasing this one, but I'm concerned b/c it doesn't have any XLR inputs)Many manual controls
    Shoots HD Video
    Best Cnet reviews
    Can buy direct from Sony – well supported
    Best video and audio quality Link
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