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Thread: How to do 4 - way split videos?

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    Default How to do 4 - way split videos?

    Hey guys, I've recorded myself 4 separate times playing different instrumental parts of the song Back in Black by AC/DC (with my headphones in so that i dont go off beat). I want to take each video and make a 4 way split video of myself covering the entire song. If you could tell me the best program(s) to convert .mov to some editable file such as .avi, do a bit of cutting to even out the audio, and the quad video effect, that would be great. Thanks so much.
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    It depends on your budget really. Take a look at Sony Vegas Pro 9, its capable of doing all you need or Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which is cheaper but read the small print as some of the movie studio versions may not have enough tracks for what you want to do.

    Other NLEs are available.

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    Vegas Pro 9 is definitely out of my budget, but Vegas Movie Studio is definitely within. Will it have enough tracks? It doesnt say so on it's website...
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    If you take a look at the Vegas comparison page you will see Vegas studio offers 4 video tracks and 4 audio tracks.

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