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Thread: VideoStudio X2 Pro choppy video

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    Default VideoStudio X2 Pro choppy video

    I can't seem to figure out why my imported video from a Camcorder becomes choppy at points only after I added an audio clip. I didn't notice this choppiness until I created a video file to burn. It's a simple DVD format in 16:9 ratio. Haven't burned anything yet, but wanted to fix this problem first. I never had this problem with VS7. I have a fast computer with lots of memory (7Gigs) and lots of fast hard drive space. Using Windows 7 as well. Have the latest updates for the program as well.
    I thought that it would render this choppiness out when creating the video file, but it didn't.
    Can anyone tell me what to do? I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    You don't say how you transfered the video from the camera to the computer. If you did a capture form DV Tape did you notice any dropped frames when you captured the video. If it's from a memory card does it play ok on the camera. If it's something to do with your software I can't help as I've never used it, unless it's something like playing PAL on a NTSC project if thats possible on your set up.

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    Default Choppy Video in VS X2 Pro

    I figured it out. While I'm editing my video (adding titles and transitions and music), before creating a video file to burn to DVD, some video parts stop or stutter and the audio stays constant while the video catches up. This only happens when reviewing what I edit in the timeline, so it's a pain to review. It's because it hasn't been rendered yet, and the finished video file is perfect. I still don't know why the program does this. The captured video clips do not stutter. It seems that with all the other things going on in the timeline - animated text, fancy transitions, etc. - it slows the video portion down at the points when the other things begin to occur. The finished product is superb; it's just annoying in the editing process when you aren't able to see the outcome of your editing as you go along.

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    Default Choppy Video in VS X2 Pro

    I just noticed that it says Windows Movie Maker above my post. I don't know how that happened. I'm using Corel VideoStudio X2 Pro.

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