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Thread: At the crossroads which editing for AVCHD

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    Smile At the crossroads which editing softwarefor AVCHD

    Hello everyone. I need some help here I need some help on deciding which direction to go for editing AVCHD and distributing in DVD and Blue-ray. Here is a little background. I first started editing with Pinnacle liquid which is now Avid liquid 7 which was ok no problems. Then I purchased a Mac Pro G5 and purchased Final Cut Studio because I only had to pay two hundred fifty dollars for it, which was great and I was helping a friend with weddings which he was also using FCP. Now here is the problem I am about to purchase AVCHD camera and begin editing in HD and I still want to have the option to mix SD and HD on the same time line and distribute in DVD or Blu-ray to relatives and friends. I have download Sony Vegas demo and Adobe premiere Pro production premium demo no issues learning either one. This were need your folks help here, remember this just for family and friends and some event shoots like Air shows kids football baseball games little league and high school special events etc. I am my family’s video producer. I get called all the time. Here are my options.
    1. Purchase a new Intel base Mac pro and upgrade to FCP Studio 3. But how is for authoring Blu-ray on what else I need to purchase for authoring Blu-ray? Plus over twenty two hundred dollars just for a new Mac.
    2. No problem with that, I have done it many times before and purchase Adobe production premium. To build a new PC about fifteen hundred not including software. I like the idea that I will get Adobe Photoshop and After Effects with the set?
    3. Build a new PC. Purchase Sony Vegas but what add-ons do I need for it?
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    In all honesty, if you plan on distributing is Standard Definition alone, it might be a good idea to transcode all of your footage to DV.

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