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Thread: Removing time from the Timeline

  1. Default Removing time from the Timeline

    Is there a way to remove time from the timeline?
    I ask this because of the horrendous problem weve been having rendering down our music video.
    Each of our scenes from the video of which there are about 14 are assembled as nested files in the main project file which we cant render down.
    Now I wont try to explain why but most of these scenes ( typically 15 to 30 secs long) start on the timeline at around the 30 minute mark!
    All media from before the scene starts has been removed & I assumed as the nested files are adjusted in the main project file to only the bit where the scene starts there'd be no problem.
    Would it speed things up if we could bring these scenes to the beginning of the timeline.
    I'm just clutching at straws really.


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    It sounds like you are in quite a pickle.

    Two options off top of my head.

    1. Select a loop area from the beginning of the first clip to the end of the last. Then select render loop only when you render. That way you will only render the 4 or 5 mins of the actual video.

    2. If you did want to move everything to the beginning of the time line you can. From the edit menu mouse over to select and select "select all". This will select every event on every track, then you can just drag every clip at once to the beginning of the time line.

    I hope this works for you.

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    I do the LOOP option.

    Just a word of warning and advice on using Nests.

    Don't forget that even though you have brought in a Nest-veg, that Nest, will bring in the "other" media plus any long gaps in it too will - the gaps will be brought in too! I've done this often and kick myself when I forget. So tidying up Nests and trimming Nests will assist in keeping the top project trim too. My concern was that you could have brought in 2nd or 3rd level Nests which could be harbouring unwanted/unnecessary "gaps" - yeah?

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    It sounds like you ladies have been though a big learning curve and won't make that mistake again.

    I hope we are going to get to see your video soon.

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    Thanks for the advice Grazie & the good wishes MB.
    I sat up to 2pm last night cleaning up all the nested files & trying to asemble them in a new main project but had to give up, the computer cant even handle that now.
    This morning I've restored the PC to an earlier time & am running virus checks.
    I've had it with nested vegs.
    Over the weekend I'm going to take Archie's advice & render each individual section of the video down & assemble these & do a smart render.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah & Allison View Post
    I've had it with nested vegs.
    - Well, I don't think it is the Nests. It may be the proxy files that are being made on your PC that are choking Vegas. Nesting has been around a long time now and it is a tried and tested feature set.

    I'd like to have the Veg, and the veggies; sub my own media at the nest-veg level and see just what is what. Nests do work.

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    Let us have an email address Grazie & we'll send them to you.


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    Email in message sent via these boards! Open your messages at top of this page.

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    It's true - nesting has been around for a long time - and been a PITA for a long time! Never seen what the advantage is to be honest. (And they worked a lot better in MSP!)
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