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Thread: Inproving Old Graffiti Video

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    Default Inproving Old Graffiti Video

    Since I started using this forum you guys have all made me realize how much my editing sucks so here's a re-edit after taking some advice.

    Old skills:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Peace Rock Graffiti Time Lapse[/ame]

    New skills HD (improvement):
    [ame=""]YouTube - Peace Rock Graffiti[/ame]
    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
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    Yes the second one is much improved.

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    Thanks, I need more feedback how were transitions used? Correctly?
    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
    ☮ ♫ ☾ ☆ ☼ ☯ ~ Live Long & Prosper

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    Well regarding the transitions I didn't like the square thing at the beginning. You did one at around 1:00 which was fine but you then did a swirly one just after which I didn't like.

    I liked the camera POV shot at the end but not the old film effect you put on it.

    The rest were ok. I think this is the best editing I've seen you do so far.

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    MB- I agree I kind of was half asleep and I was hesitant on the double back to back swirl. The film effect was a compromise. Overall hey, this project taught me key frames! Yay
    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
    ☮ ♫ ☾ ☆ ☼ ☯ ~ Live Long & Prosper

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